Time Capsule Round 1

In my Time Capsule post, I wrote about an abandoned electronics shop that allegedly had hoards of keyboards in it.

Last week I finally made contact with the curator, and he had a chance to pull some of the findings out of the building.  My brother suggested that there was so much stuff stacked in there that this probably only represents “round one.”


These are pretty dirty, and they don’t smell super pleasant – as a matter of fact, they’re making my office smell old and stale.  I believe some will clean up nicely however.  What you see here:

  • EW4KK R4018 (rubber dome?)
  • IBM M2 1395300 (7/20/1993)
  • HP 46020A
  • HP C3346-60201 (rubber dome?)
  • IBM 1391401 (5/19/1987)
  • Triumph FKB4700 (x3)
  • Focus FK-5001
  • Focus FK-2000
  • Leading Edge DC-2014 (blue Alps)
  • IBM 1390120 (1/6/1987)
  • APC-H412 (NEC blue ovals)

While I didn’t find exactly what I was hoping for, there are some interesting keyboards to check out.  The feel of the Triumph boards (clicky and pleasantly smooth) is quite nice and I’m looking forward to cleaning those up.

EDIT 9/2/2015: I finally had to move these keyboards out of my office and into my shop because they stunk like a combination of dust and must and who knows what else.  Also determined that the Triumph boards would not work with a passive USB adapter, active USB adapter, or even a direct PS/2 connection – however they -did- work when connected to a 1998-era computer with a real AT connector.  Odd!


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