Before Christmas I saw that released their MK2016, available with Cherry blue, red, or brown keyswitches.  I instantly fell in love with the keycap color scheme, and already knew that I liked the light, crisp snap of Cherry MX blues.  I needed a new keyboard like a hole in the head, so I let things slide until after the holiday hoopla to see if I was still head over heals for it.  I was!


The blue is admittedly a bit lighter than I’d prefer, but when it’s in my darker office, it’s quite attractive (these pictures are illuminated with cloud-obscured sun next to a window).


I named this one Mavor, after the guy that was the inspiration for my keyboard problem (Jon Mavor, programmer that worked on the games Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, and Planetary Annihilation).  Although, he owned a Unicomp and his father worked for IBM, so perhaps it would have been more fitting for me to name my Model M after him, but this is more of a tip of the hat to his programming abilities than his keyboard!

This is actually a Ducky keyboard (Tiawan), as evidenced by the quacking logos on the menu keys.  From the first time I typed on it, I was impressed by its quality.  It types fast due to the lightness of the Cherry blues, which I really like.  Thick PBT keycaps through and through, including the space bar.


Includes optional white F, J, and ESC keys, plus blank menu keys, as shown below.  This picture was taken with my “real” camera and not the camera off my cell phone, and I tinkered with the manual exposure setting until the light looked a lot closer to the real thing in my office (with window blind closed).  In all of the other photos below (cell phone), the auto-exposure made it appear too light.


Illuminated Num Lock, Esc, WASD, and the function  keys can be made to illuminate according to the current repeat delay and rate; something I didn’t find particularly useful.  The illumination options can be cycled with Fn+F10, so you can turn off WASD, Esc, and function keys.

The other reason I wanted a full-size Cherry board was so I could eventually start a small keycap collection.  I’ve seen some pretty attractively-colored keys on Massdrop and elsewhere, and never had a board to use them on (the Das keyboard I use for work has Cherry MX blues also, but it has non-standard key spacing).

Also came with a wire keycap puller, which was a nice addition.


The keyboard really is a dream to type on and I have zero regrets about the purchase.  It’s quite rare for me to purchase a brand new keyboard, so it’s going to take a while to sink in.

Mavor weighs 2lb 10.7oz (1211g).


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