Omni Key/102


In August of 2014 when my keyboard endeavors were just starting, a good friend sent me one of the holy grail keyboards- a Northgate Computer Systems Omni Key/102 with blue Alps keyswitches.  My quest was almost finished before it started!


It is of course a wonderful keyboard to type on, albeit maybe not quite as crisp or delightful as the Leading Edge DC-2014.  I’m quite certain the keyswitches in this keyboard saw a lot more use than the DC-2014, and the keycaps aren’t quite as nice (somewhat slick/smooth).  The yellowing doesn’t lend much to its attractiveness, but that’s secondary.

I don’t know who the vendor code of #111 was.


It was certainly time to pull it apart, give it a cleaning, and put it in the normal rotation.  The function keys are a bit funky to get used to, but that’s part of the charm.


Weighs in at 4lb 1oz (without the cable).


Thank you again, Erik!


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