Coffee Disaster

I have a friend that has a model M at his work, that he just spilled coffee in.  He’s less than thrilled about the situation, as he now has to wait until it dries out before using it again.  That means he has to type on a membrane keyboard in the mean time.

I asked him how he intends on dealing with the situation, to which he responded:

“Go home sick.”



Finally had a chance to clean up the Triumph FKB4700, find another AT to PS/2 adapter, and semi-permanently hook it up to a machine that is routinely power-cycled.

I still find it quite enjoyable to type on.  I just dig the feel of the keycaps; they just have such a nice non-slick, non-stick “matte” feel about them. They’re different enough that I notice them, and I find that interesting.  I noticed that from before I even purchased the group of them.

These boards don’t get a lot of love, and while I can understand some people’s complaints about them, as far as the typing experience overall I find that it is pleasant.  I’m glad to own one.  I think I’ll just try avoiding the move to that keyboard after typing on something superior immediately prior…



I just bought a vintage keyboard off eBay for $35, with free shipping from Lincoln, Nebraska.  It’s an NEC APC-H412 with intriguing NEC blue clicky keyswitches in it.  It also has the longest space bar I’ve ever seen.  I saw a closeup of the keys and watched some YouTube video of the boards in action, and fell in love with the sound.  I’m just a sucker for clicky mechanicals.

What a steal for a rare keyboard, you might say!  Well, it would be… if it worked.  LOL!  The description of the sale:

Up for sale in this auction is a used NEC keyboard.  This is being sold as is no returns for parts or repair.  This keyboard shows heavy signs of wear and is dirty.  The plastics are yellowed from age.  Something is wrong with it and it doesn’t type correctly on a consistent basis.  The keys will randomly not work, especially if you type too fast.  My only thought is maybe it has liquid spill damage or something has failed on the controller board.  Might be a good source for spare keys, or something to tinker with.

Yeah, I’ve seen others tested and working for $25 or $40, but with another $20 for shipping.  They don’t appear often and I’m impatient.  And, what can I say- I felt sorry for this one.  I obsessed and I compulsed, and finally pulled the trigger on the purchase.  I want to fix it and restore it to its former glory and use it.  I’ll never know how some of these unique keyswitches feel if I don’t get my hands on them, right?

Yeah, yellow and all – doesn’t bother me.  But, possibly a retrobrighting job might be in order.

Look at that space bar!


Those beautiful keycaps!


I’m highly anticipating the sound and feel of those switches.  Hope I can fix it.  I’ll document it all here.